It has been a month since my mom passed away and eight since my stepdad passed.  I feel like I live in the swamps of sadness.

At times it is consuming.  I can’t breathe, I can’t think.  I just don’t see a past the sadness.

There are times when I think “I should share this with my mom” and then I remember I can’t…

I’ve had people comment that I’m too young to have lost both my parents (I’m in my late 30s) — I agree, but I can’t change it.

Today I was driving to get some dinner for the family.  It had been raining for most of the afternoon.  I looked up and there was this huge rainbow.  I felt like it followed me on my drive and it made me smile with each turn.  It didn’t fix everything but for a few minutes it bright some bright color into my swamp. rainbow