I have been impressed by one of my friends who has become a mental illness warrior.  She openly shares about her anxiety and depression on social media and in her blog.  She is bold, raw and real.  It is amazing to see her put it all out there in print.  She is fighting daily and I am just proud of her fighting the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Around the time that she started sharing I saw that TWLOHA  (To Write Love on Her Arms) had shared a post encouraging people to share their stories.  The article goes on to say that by staying silent about our struggles we continue the stigma about mental illness.  I mean, its ok to say I can’t go to this function because I have the flu, why can’t we also say I can’t go because my anxiety is pretty high today?

So my heart gets tugged and I think “why not share what is going on with me?”

This will be my attempt to share my story.  To share an honest account of what it is like to deal with the death of  my parents, care giving for a dying parents while trying to keep my own sanity together and I’m sure other topics along the way.